Anais Profit is a French head decorator, set designer and production designer. Her work is inspired by her cinematographic culture, her curiosity and her love for design. It is outstanding by its glamourous aesthetic and its punchy style. 

She has been working in California for months and her American experience is still a huge part of her influences. The past years as a freelance, she has been working for commercials with some luxurious brands, including Dior, Guerlain, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Bulgari. She has also designed fashion editorials for Vogue or Kaltbut Magazine. Her creativity and her attention to detail has lead to collaboration with influent artists such as Ichon, l’Imperatrice or François and the Atlas Mountain. She is overflowing with energy and inventiveness so she is also developing her own projects such as stop-motions or editorials. 


DIOR | Vogue | Helena Rubinstein | Viktor & Rolf | L'Oréal | Lancôme | BVLGARI | Valentino | Jean Paul Gaultier | Guerlain | Cacharel | Odda Magazine | Lacoste | Diesel | ...


Ichon x Yseult "Mélange" | Music Video | Dir. Sophie Jones | 2021

Klon "Nouveau genre" | Music Video | Dir. Valentin Pitarche | 2021

Sabrina Bellaouel "Arab Liquor" | Music Video | Dir. Sarah Al Atassi | 2021

SCH x Freeze Corleone "Mannschaft" | 1st assist. | Music Video | Dir. Gregory Ohrel | 2021

François and the Atlas Mountain "Tourne autour" | Music Video | Dir. Robin Lachenal | 2021 

Kalika "L'été est mort" | Music Video | Dir. Kalika and Mohamed CHABANE | 2021 

Ichon "Elle pleure en hiver" | Music Video | Dir. Exotica | 202O

Klon "West" | Music Video | Dir. Valentin Pitarche | 2020

L'impératrice "Peur des filles" | 1st assist | Music Video | Dir. Aube Perrie | 2020

Petit Biscuit "Burning" | 1st assist | Music Video | Dir. Aube Perrie | 2020

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